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Intelligent room infrastructure to support research in Ambient Intelligence (AmI)
Joint project by LIMSI-CNRS and Supélec, funded by Digiteo and Région Ile-de-France

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  • Current trend: computing capabilities added to devices:
    • first: car radios, telephones, cameras,
    • and now: tickets, clothing, furniture, walls, doors...
  • Convergence of the physical and digital worlds
  • Concept of Ambient Intelligence:
    • ubiquitous computing,
    • ubiquitous communication,
    • intelligent user interfaces.

Scientific Issues

  • Need to know the context of use → perception issues
  • Heterogeneous population of users and devices, need for an easy-to-use environment → adaptation and multimodal interaction
  • Proactive and intelligent behavior → reasoning, inference, knowledge representation

Project Objectives

  • Build an experimental room as a testbed for research into intelligent buildings
  • Feature numerous sensors and actuators linked via a dedicated network infrastructure
  • People involved:
    • technologists, who can deploy new devices and new interaction methods in the IRoom,
    • sociologists, who can study user behavior in “ambient” environments.
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